A little about my story

My name is Gygi and I am the founder of Love + Grace Co. I like to share a little bit of my story on how this brand started.

I started Love + Grace Co. when I was a full-time student at a Christian University pursuing a Worship and Music Major; having my YouTube channel where I do worship covers, singing tip and much more; and also inspiring younger people in Instagram and TikTok with inspirational/funny short video. I realized that I wanted to inspire my generation to be rooter in God's love and sharing with other people the grace of God. The purpose of Love + Grace Co. is to do daily motivation posts and encouraging people to wear their faith to spark conversation with others.

Love + Grace Co., formerly known as Clothed with Power, started in November of 2016. Graphic designer Sheila Ponce (my mom) had the desire of create a faith-based clothing line that would inspire people to spread hope and love through its designs; with the help of her family, especially her daughter Gygi (me), she was able to bring her desire into a reality.

This is a family small business with the desire to share powerful messages of God's love and grace with people who need a word of encouragement to find their purpose in life.


The name Love + Grace comes from 2 Corinthians 13:14, "May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all."

The living God is the God of love and grace. God is love, and He loved us first. As we abide in God's love, the Holy Spirit enables and empowers us to show love to others; so they can receive God's grace.

How does the grace and love you receive from Jesus Christ affect the way you live?

We strongly believe that God empowers us with love and grace to accomplish far more than we ordinarily think or imagine and that will be reflected in every aspect of our life; with what we say, what we do and even with the clothes we wear.